The PD Dungeon

Welcome to the PD dungeon! Join Captain Future as he descends with lit candle in hand into the sparsely lit room that houses a very special library. For this, my friend, is not a library of the book type, but one of zeros and ones. This is a library from long forgotten digital times, only spoken of in those mythical tales of yesteryear. All its walls are lined with thousands of disks, each facing you with their label, which holds nothing more than a code, keeping their magical contents hidden from guessing eyes. Only when inserted into an Amiga computer would these mystical carriers unleash their magic upon their fortunate user.


Every so often, when he's in the mood, Captain Future will visit the library and walk along its walls, carefully shedding the glow of candle light upon the disks. Each time one particular disk will catch his eye and he will carefully remove it from its plastic sleeve so that he may unlock its mysteries when he returns home. Although the experience can be interesting or boring, it is always an adventure. What disk will Captain Future come out of the dungeon with next?

Below you'll find recounts of stuff that Captain Future has borrowed so far from the 17-Bit PD Library:

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