MultiVision 500

Type: Scan doubler / flicker fixer
Amiga: A500, A1000, A2000

MultiVision 500 1.JPGMultiVision 500 2.JPGMultiVision 500 3.JPG

MultiVision 500 4.JPGMultiVision 500 5.JPGMultiVision 500 6.JPG

MultiVision 500 7.JPGMultiVision 500 8.JPG


A scan doubler / flicker fixer that allows you to use the hi-res interlaced resolution on your Amiga without the annoying flickering. It also allows you to connect your Amiga to a more recent monitor instead because of the doubled scan rate. I'm planning to build this into my main A500 so I can use the hi-res laced mode more comfortably.
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