The Amiga was created from the beginning with the possibility in mind for the owner to expand and enhance the machine in various ways. One of the most interesting types of upgrades available to Amiga owners was the ability to install an accelerator which would upgrade the standard CPU with a faster one and usually offer access to faster and larger amounts of memory. Accelerators have expanded the life of Amigas way beyond what anyone ever would have thought possible. The A1200 in particular, arguably one of the finest Amiga models ever made, could be upgraded to speeds tens of times of the original with tons more of faster memory than the original model had. Expansions usually offered upgrades from the base 68000 on an A500 or 68020 on a 1200 to 68030, 68040 and 68060 CPUs and even to the completely different PPC architecture on the A1200!

Although I do have an A1200 in my collection, all the accelerators I have are for the A500, because that's my favourite Amiga. Several good accelerators exist for the A500, although they are much rarer than A1200 accelerators and thus often very expensive and difficult to find.

Below are all the accelerators I have in my collection listed in chronological order. Click on their respective links to see more pictures and read more info on them.

Harms 1.jpg
My first A500 accelerator. A very decent accelerator from the German company Harms Computertechnik. An 68030 CPU clocked at 20MHz and the ability to add up to 8 MB of 32-bit Fast RAM.

Mtec 1.jpgAnother nice accelerator, also 68030 based but only 14 MHz clock speed. It has a total of 4 MB memory and is pictured here together with an M-Tec IDE controller.

  • CSA Mega Midget Racer (36MHz) (SOLD, I don't own this item anymore)

CSA 2.jpgMoving on to some of the more serious stuff. From US based hardware maker CSA comes the Mega Midget Racer. This card is in immaculate condition. It has an 68030/33MHz CPU clocked at 36 MHz with heat sink added. It has a 68882 FPU clocked at 50 MHz, a special 512K memory store that can hold the Kickstart image for increased speed and has cable ties to keep these socketed chips in place to prevent chip creep. It is also expanded with the optional 8 MB RAM daughterboard, the maximum amount of memory this board can address.

Viper 520 1.jpg
One of the most sought after accelerators available for the A500 and the little brother to the Viper 530 (see below) from German based DCE. It has an 68020 CPU clocked at 33 MHz and a total of 8 MB 32-bit Fast RAM. Where as most accelerators will give you a faster CPU and more memory, the fun doesn't stop there with the Viper 520! It also has a built-in Kickstart 3.0 ROM that instantly upgrades your A500 to the newest Kickstart and allows you to run Workbench 3 and it has a built-in IDE controller so you can hook up an internal harddisk to your A500! This is one seriously cool expansion for your A500. All the accelerators I had tried and used up until the Viper 520 all had their quirks or instabilities. Not so with the Viper 520! It was the most stable and impressive accelerator I have ever used on my A500...... until I got a Viper 530 that is... ;-)

  • Viper 530 (50 MHz) (Dedicated page coming soon!)

Viper 530_3.jpg
The Viper 530, also known as the E-Matrix 530 or M-Tec 530, is the Holy Grail of A500 accelerators and with good reason! It is the most impressive A500 expansion ever released featuring the fastest A500 upgrade on Earth, the most memory you could hope to have inside your A500 and more besides! An IDE controller, a SCSI controller, Kickstart 2 or 3 on board, an onboard 68000 CPU for backward compatibility, a 68882 FPU, a 68030 clocked at 50 MHz and memory expandable up to 128 MB!!! Phew! The Viper 530 was manufactured in 1997 and 1998 and is extremely rare! 
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