Welcome, traveller, to my corner of cyberspace. On these pages you’ll be able to digitally peruse the various Amiga and Amiga related items I have amassed over the years and read some background info on a selection of these items.

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I put this site together mainly for two reasons. Selfishly, it is primarily there for me to be able to easily look up the items in my collection from anywhere I want. Several times I’ve found myself on the verge of buying something that I already had in my posession. Yes, that is as stupid as it sounds, but especially with collecting stuff like magazines and coverdisks it can become quite tricky to remember whether you already have an item or not. Also, when you collect stuff you invariably reach a point where you just can’t have all of your collection within reach or otherwise easily accesible and most of it is stored somewhere in boxes or closets. That’s when having photos of all the items in your collection can come in very handy. It’s very easy to totally forget about a piece of hardware you’ve got lying in a closet somewhere and end up buying it again.

The second reason is somewhat less selfish. Inspired by Grandmaster Scuzz’s website I decided it would be a “good thing”(tm) to allow fellow Amiga enthousiasts to be able to peruse the pages of my collection too. Hopefully it will act as a source of information and (nostalgic) entertainment to you, oh hallowed visitor!

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So what’s with the Amiga then? What makes it such a special machine? Why collect Amiga stuff? Well, as for the last question first. Let me answer that with another question. Why collect anything? There are probably hundreds of reasons why people collect stuff. A psychological study I read about once indicated that the process of collecting comes from the primal urge to collect and store food. This urge will be stronger in some than in others. Whatever the case, it’s a hobby and it’s something fun to do!

And why Amiga then? Well, first of all, contrary to a lot of other things you could collect, collecting Amigas and Amiga related stuff not only gives me the pleasure of collecting, it also allows me to actually use the items in my collection. I can switch it on and play a game, program it, make music, dabble in graphics, learn about its system architecture and do the same stuff I did with it when I had it originally in the early 90’s! I can read the magazines, which in turn will inspire me to do new stuff or go off in search for new stuff to collect that was unaffordable when I was 15, but dirt cheap now! So there’s the added enjoyment of actually being able to use the items in my collection and the nostalgia trip it provides every time that I do. Contrast that to collecting coins and stamps. You can’t use them anymore for the purpose for which they were originally meant. Well, in some cases you probably could, but that would be pretty stupid. (Please note, I’m not knocking coin or stamp collecting, it’s just not my type of thing. To each their own!)

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Secondly, I’ve always been a computer geek ever since I got my Commodore 64. Computers and I get along very well. We always have and we probably always will. Owning and using a Commodore 64 and an Amiga A500 in my years as a teenager was instrumental in building that bond. The C64 and the Amiga have been very good to me during those years, because they were a wonderful source of entertainment and they challenged and inspired both my left and right brain thinking. I first learned to code in BASIC on the C64 and later in AMOS and C on the Amiga. I first learned how to make music with ProTracker. I first learned about digital art, animation and 3D graphics with DeluxePaint. I learned about scripting, multitasking, SQL and a host of other concepts that helped in better understanding and easier learning of stuff that came along later professionally. I still like programming and scripting, but have broadened my horizon to include UNIX shell, python, PHP and C++. I also still like making music, but now I use Cubase SX on an iMac with professional equipment. I’m also still fascinated by computer graphics and like fooling around in Photoshop, After Effects and Blender. A lot of the stuff I’m “into” now has found its origin in the Amiga. And I guess you could also say the computers I grew up with are indirectly responsible for the fact that I have a good job doing what I like (I’m an IT consultant/artchitect).

Although I do collect the odd non-Amiga Commodore stuff, it’s primarily the Amiga I’m interested in. It’s hard to describe to someone today how much of an impact the Amiga made when it was released way back in 1985. It simply blew away everything else available on the market at that time. I know this sounds like the ramblings of an old fart, but the stuff an Amiga could do was really breathtaking. It was so advanced for its day. It felt like a computer from 10 years into the future. It could display 32 colours onscreen at once from a palette of 4096 colours, when most PCs still only could do 2 colours. It even had a special graphics mode (called HAM) that allowed the Amiga to display all 4096 colours at once! It had 4 channels of 28kHz digitally sampled sound, when most PCs only could produce beeps. It had an advanced graphical user interface controlled by a mouse and featured an OS with true multitasking when PCs ran clunky old single-tasking MS-DOS. It took many, many years before the PC finally cought up with and eventually surpassed what the Amiga had been doing since the 80s.

In a way this site is also an ode to these wonderful devices of my youth. So I guess that's the third reason for this site's existence. Enjoy! ;-)

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