Ahhh, the A500… The best selling Amiga model ever. It also happens to be my very first Amiga and -not so surprisingly- my favourite of all Amiga models ever made. My parents bought it for me somewhere in April of 1991.

A500 Case BadgeA500 In BoxA500 Box


After the introduction of the A1000 in 1985, the A500 marked the first entry level model and was released in 1987 together with the A2000, which was aimed at the professional user. The A500 came in the familiair console/wegde shape that old Commodore computers were famous for. It had a Motorola 68000 CPU clocked at 7MHz and 512kB built-in memory which could be expanded using a trapdoor underneath with another 512kB to reach the mindboggling amount of 1MB of memory! Contrary to the A1000 which had to load its Kickstart software (system/kernel code) from disk every time you switched it on, the A500 had these routines in ROM so they were available as soon as the machine was switched on. A big time saver and one less hassle to worry about.

The A500 was initially released with the new and improved Kickstart 1.2 ROM and Workbench 1.2. Later models had the even more improved Kickstart 1.3 ROM and Workbench 1.3. The A500 was replaced in late 1991 by the A500+, which had several improvements, most notably the inclusion of the new 2.0 version Kickstart and Workbench. The A500+ only lasted for 6 months and the A500 series was officially discontinued mid-1992. It was replaced by the A600 and (later that year) also by the A1200.


As it is my favourite Amiga ever made I have amassed a fair couple of them.  I currently have around 12 A500's in my collection in various states. 5 of those are boxed and some even have their warranty seals intact. I generally keep those as collection items or whenever my main A500 would break down. I have a couple of old and worn A500's that I use for spare parts or whenever I need to hook up a standard 1.3 machine with 1 MB for gaming purposes. I'll update this page in the future when I get the chance to properly photograph and archive the various A500's I have.  

A500 In BoxA500 Row of BoxesA500 Case Badge

My "main" A500 is actually an A500+, that is fitted with 2MB of Chip RAM and has an MTEC AT500 external IDE drive with an extra 2 MB of Fast RAM. It's hardware switchable between Kickstart 1.3 and 2.04 for maximum compatibility with old games and software.

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