Captain's Log / star date 2010.1205 -- Commodore A4000T sells for 3700 euro on eBay

Wow! Another one for the books it seems. Today a Commodore Amiga A4000T was sold on eBay for the whopping amount of nearly 3700 euro! At the current exchange rate this comes close to $5,000 US. The Commodore A4000T is one of the last machines that Commodore created before it finally destroyed itself due to incompetence and mismanagement. The A4000T is the tower version of the A4000 desktop (hence the 'T' in the name). You'd be forgiven for thinking this was just the same motherboard that the desktop version had, but stuck inside a tower. The A4000T had a way bigger motherboard, superior expansion capabilities and both SCSI and IDE interfaces and it looked kickass! The design of the A4000T is simply beautiful. Because Commodore was already in dire straits when production of the A4000T took off, it seems that only a handful were produced. It is estimated that only 200 units were manufactured, making this beast incredibly rare and expensive!

The above A4000T was sold in Germany and was a local pickup-only item, which has probably affected the ultimate selling price. It's not completely unthinkable that it would've sold for way more, had the auction allowed for international shipping. The unit was sold as working and included a host of goodies inside, like a Cyberstorm 68060 accelerator card.

Note: After Commodore went bankrupt, the new owners of the Amiga properties released their own versions of the A4000T. Although these tend to sell for good prices as well, they're not nearly as rare as a Commodore A4000T. Also, the case design of these is not as good looking as that of Commodore's A4000T and does not have the Commodore logo on the front of the case.

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