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Captain's Log / star date 2010.1006

Viva Amiga is the name of a documentary that is currently still in the works and will probaby end up being a long overdue tribute to the greatest homecomputer of all times (IMHO)! The documentary is a work of love by Zach Weddington and you can check up on its progress by visiting the official website for the Viva Amiga documentary here.

There's also an official trailer available that you can check out on the Viva Amiga website or by checking out the embedded YouTube video below!!

Captain's Log / star date 2010.1004

Last week a working Commodore 65 prototype was for sale on eBay. The Commodore 65 was the true successor to the venerable C64 and would have been the last 8-bit machine from Commodore featuring a vastly improved and pumped up system that retained backward compatiblity with the C64. It featured 256-colour graphics from a palette of 4096 colours, a 3.5-inch built-in diskdrive (like the Amiga), CPU clocked at 3.5 MHz, 128 kB of memory, expandable to a total of 8MB and a much improved, more powerful version of the BASIC programming language!

When Commodore went tits up in 1994, prototypes of the C65 got into the hands of private collectors. Prototypes of the C65 exist in various states, from non-working to working and everything in between. This auction was for a working model, which is pretty rare. It seems there weren't any takers (that we know of!), because the auction ended without any bidders. The asking price was around €8,600, which is probably out of range for most of us, but it's still a mythical machine that I would love to own one day!!


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