Captain's Log / star date 2010.0419

U.S. Gold was one of the biggest European game publishers in the 80's and early 90's. As the name would suggest, a lot of their releases were imports from the U.S. One thing that I fondly remember is a little flyer that was included with most of their releases around 1991 or so. I used to literally spend ages looking at the various games that were advertised in there, drooling over the screenshots and hoping I could own them all!

I recently found a couple of snapshots I made of the catalog/flyer a while ago. I'll try and scan the catalog properly and post it here (as soon as I can find it!). But the photos above are enough to illustrate how attractive looking this flyer was. I'm starting to think there was another version of this same flyer, because I remember seeing the various LucasFilm releases in there too! Ah well, something to look out for.

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