Captain's Log / star date 2010.0406 -- Viper 530 sells for 905 euro on eBay

Wow! Just a couple of moments ago a Viper 530 auction ended on eBay. The highest bid was a whopping 905 Euro! An interesting note is that the auction was relatively below the radar, because the auction did not carry any references to the names Viper or E-Matrix 530 as this supercard is known by. Besides that, the auction was specified with the option of shipping to Germany only, which automatically prevents non-German eBay accounts from bidding in most cases. I shudder to think how high this auction might have ended up were it available internationally and had the auction title and/or description contained the name Viper 530 instead of just a generic accelerator title.

For those who do not know, the Viper 530 is debatably the biggest and baddest accelerator for the A500. Dragging the A500 to a screaming 50MHz speed, delivered by a 68030, IDE interfaces, SCSI interface and up to 128 MB 32-bit Fast RAM memory. The Viper 530 was released fairly late in the A500's life (1997) and only around 350 pieces were manufactured. Most of them seem to have been sold in Germany under the name E-Matrix 530.

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