Captain's Log / star date 2010.0408

Amiga users are cool. Sure, you'll have your rotten apple here and there, but the majority of Amiga users I know or have met (either online or in real life) are really nice people! Case in point, or rather, 2 cases in point! I was recently contacted by a former Amiga user from the UK who offered me his A1200 including loads of extra stuff like 2 joysticks, an Alfa Data mouse/joystick switch, joystick extension cables, loads of extra software and books and manuals. Problem is, I live in the Netherlands, so I replied him that I would be interested if he were willing to send the goods to me and I'd pay for the shipping costs if they weren't too high (shipping abroad from the UK can be a costly exercise, even to the UK's little neighbour, the Netherlands). Fortunately, this generous person had to be in the Amsterdam area for business this week and offered to take the whole lot along with him so that I could pick it up at the hotel he was staying in! So yesterday I drove up there after work and collected these lovely retro goodies. Really cool. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when generous and helpful people like this cross my path in life. So Keith, if you happen to read this, thanks a lot!

Stack of CU Amiga.jpgCU Amiga Cover Disks_2.jpg

Second case in point. I happen to think that CU Amiga is the best Amiga magazine ever made in this universe! A couple of years ago I started to collect the magazine in its various guises and the coverdisks that went along with them. A total of 195 cover disks were published and I have nearly all of them. Only 4 were missing up until recently. 2 months ago I stumbled upon two eBay auctions for CU Amiga cover disk numbers 158 and 159, two of the missing coverdisks in my collection. I was very happy to have won the auction, but alas, fate would have it that the package got lost in the mail! I contacted the seller, but unfortunately there was no way of tracing the package because it wasn't sent by registered mail. He offered me any other 2 coverdisks instead, but seeing as I already have nearly all of them (some of them double, triple of quadruple!) I decided not to take him up on the offer. I also told him I wouldn't be needing a refund. A little while later this same seller contacted me and told me he had a new batch of CU Amigas including the ones with coverdisks 158 and 159. He offered to send them to me only for the cost of shipping! Needless to say I took him up on his offer, but this time by registered air mail! The disks recently arrived safely and have been added to my CU Amiga coverdisks collection, which is now only missing two disks (166 and 191, if you have them and want to sell or trade 'em, contact me!!). I tried to leave this great eBay seller positive feedback, but because the auction was completed too far in the past I was not able to leave this seller feedback anymore. A real shame and I hope this plug on my website sort of makes up for it in a small way. His eBay account name is penfold_t_mole and I can heartily recommend him!!!

So there you have it. Amiga users are cool. :-)

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