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Captain's Log / star date 2009.0526

Last Saturday I had some spare time and decided to play a game on my PS3. Yes, I do also own modern stuff. :-) I had a copy of Burnout Paradise lying around that I had bought on discount way back in December, but never got around to playing it. And that's where the trouble began. First of all I was prompted by the PS3 to download and install the latest firmware. I happily obliged and found myself 20 minutes into the future when my PS3 booted up again with the new firmware level with no noticeable new features or enhancements whatsoever, just like the last 2 firmware updates. Still feeling like gaming I popped in the Burnout Paradise game disc. And immediately I was greeted with the message that an update was available for Burnout Paradise, leaving me with nothing but an "OK" option to start the download of 6 packages which totalled to approximately 1.5GB of data....

About an hour later I got fed up with wasting my precious Saturday afternoon time waiting for all these updates to complete and switched on my CDTV. I hooked up the retro wireless joysticks I purchased recently and was playing a bout of Pang well within a minute of booting up, followed by a couple of satisfying rounds of Jaguar XJ-220. 

Although modern gaming has made giant leaps in terms of video and audio quality and connectivity, there are  downsides too. The ability to update software and firmware after it has hit the market is both a blessing and a curse. Nobody likes waiting an hour and a half to satisfy a gaming impulse. Luckily the Amiga was around to come to my rescue. ;-)

As for the collection. I recently expanded my collection with some nice new Commodore stuff of which I will add photographs in the near future.

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