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Captain's Log / star date 2009.0214

Not much news to report, because I've been busy with work and life in general, as usual. Though I did find time to add lots of new photographs to my collection pages. The new entries are indicated as [NEW] in the Collection menu on the right. Stuff added includes lots of hard drive controllers for the A500, memory expansions for the A1000, the Hydra Systems Amiganet for the A500 and more! Have a great weekend!

Captain's Log / star date 2009.0204

A stack of CU Amiga coverdisks arrived in the mail this week which has narrowed the number of missing disks of this magazine in my collection to just 4! If anyone happens to have CU Amiga disk numbers 158, 159, 166 or 191 and wants to sell or trade them, do get in touch with me! I have lots of duplicates for trade. 

I also continued polishing my A500 installation. After already having installed AmiTCP, AmiPPP and HippoPlayer I decided it was time to install a browser. Currently IBrowse is the best option for a classic 68k machine so I downloaded that. It's slow, but it works! I'll be installing the AmiSSL plugin soon so that I can check my GMail from IBrowse. I'll also be looking at a serial.device replacement, because the original driver is just too much of a strain on the A500's resources. Geeky fun!

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