Captain's Log / star date 2009.0129

Some more progress on my Secret of Monkey Island disassembly. I've been having some problems recompiling the disassembled code back into a working binary. None of the disassemblers I've used produced anything that I could recompile with DevPac or ASM-One. I'm currently looking into patching the code directly, which shouldn't be too hard as long as I manage to patch the Amiga Hunk header info. The reason I want to patch the main executable is so that I can insert some code that flashes the screen using the Intuition function DisplayBeep() every time that the GetMsg() routine is called to process Intuition input messages, because I need to pinpoint where things go wrong on the CDTV. As I mentioned before there's a problem with the mouse button inputs when I try to play this game on the CDTV. Monkey Island uses system friendly programming and as such has so far been an interesting learning experience! 

After more than a week of straight disassembling, analyzing and cross referencing in my free hours I decided to take a break for a couple of days. In another flash of nostalgia I decided to unbox my Commodore 64 and hook it up to my 1084 monitor. I'll be adding a 1541-II diskdrive soon so that I'll actually be able to play some games :-) Playing around with the C64 also gave me the opportunity to take a few photographs of the 8-bit Commodores in my collection. New pics of my C64 and C16 have been added to the collection photo pages. Check out the photos by clicking on the links in the menu on the right!

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