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The Secret of Monkey Island is one of the coolest adventures games I've ever played and almost perfectly embodies what was so cool about my Amiga experience in the early nineties. I've been playing lots of classic Amiga games in my living room lately using my CDTV. I've been playing around with the idea for quite some time to burn Secret of Monkey Island to CD and see if I can play this wonderful game on my CDTV from the comfort of my living room chair without disk swapping! Lucasarts did announce a CDTV version of Secret of Monkey Island and it appears that, at least in Germany, a CDTV version was released. It is very rare though and usually goes for a hefty price. So burning my own version of this game seemed like a good idea. Although it seemed to be simple enough to do, I soon found out it would involve way more work than I thought. Read on!

Secret of Monkey Island box front1.jpg
Secret of Monkey Island disks.jpgcdtv angle front right 1.JPG

The Secret of Monkey Island is fortunately harddisk installable so it shouldn't be much of a problem to run from CD as it uses AmigaDOS. But you can't just burn something to CD-R and expect it to boot on a CDTV. The CDTV needs a specially prepared file to be included in order to be able to boot from a CD, the so called CDTV.TM file. The CD32 system uses a similar file to create bootable CD32 CDs. To be able to author CDTV titles it's a good idea to install the CDTV development system. It can be found inside the Amiga Developers Kit. 

So after some trials and failures I finally had a bootable version of Secret of Monkey Island on CD! But alas, for some reason there's a problem with the controls. The game seems to react correctly to the first left or right mouse button click, i.e. Guybrush will walk to where I clicked, but subsequent mouse button presses have absolutely no effect. This happens whether I use the remote control pad or the trackball controller. So it looks like I have a nice new project on my hands. Getting this damn game to work on my CDTV! This will prove to be quite a challenge, because it will involve digging into the game's code and disassembling and dissecting 68000 assembler code! I've long had the intention to get into 68000 assembly and learn about the Amiga's system. It looks like I've got the perfect opportunity here. Stay tuned! ;-)

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