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Captain's Log / star date 2008.0723

It's all too easy to get carried away in bidding sprees on eBay, but every now and again you hit on an absolute bargain, like I did recently. I got a perfectly fine and functioning A500 for the amount of 1 euro! I do have lots of A500's already in my collection but I just couldn't pass up on this one and I was surprised I was the only bidder, winning it for the opening bid. The keyboard is fairly yellowed, but its case looks pretty good and the warranty seal isn't even broken! You don't see that often on an A500. It also has an A501 memory expansion and I've played some games on it already and dabbled a little in some 2D pixel art with Deluxe Paint III. Good times! Here are some pics of this newest addition...


I also added pics of my A570 to the collection pages. Check 'em out here.

Captain's Log / star date 2008.0719

More photos! I've uploaded new pictures to the Collection section. See my A600 and my recently acquired MultiVision 500. Although this is primarily an Amiga oriented site, I've also included photos of my new SNES.

As always you can find links to parts of my collection on the right column of every page. Entries that are not underlined yet will be uploaded in the future. Enjoy!

SNES box 1.jpg
Nintendo Scope 1.jpgA600-box3.JPG

Captain's Log / star date 2008.0715

Updated the Accelerator pages of my collection and added the Viper 520. Slowly but surely I'll get photographs and description of my complete collection online... ;-)

Viper 520 1.jpg

Got a new goodie in the mail today that I bought off a fellow Amiga enthousiast. It's a scan doubler/flicker fixer for the A500, the MultiVision 500. I've been looking out for one of those for a long time in order to be able to use the interlaced hi-res mode of my A500 without passing out from a migraine after 5 minutes of use. My current challenge lies in finding a way to have the MultiVision 500 board co-exist physically with my Viper 530 inside my A500.

Been playing more SNES games on the GP2X and managed to find a nice second hand SNES that should be arriving any day now by mail! I'm also half way writing the long promised tutorial on how to install Linux and an Amiga emulator on a PS3. Really hope to be able to finish it soon. It's a multi-part tutorial and I really want to upload the whole tutorial in one go. Stay tuned!!

Captain's Log / star date 2008.0709

Been spending a lot of time with my GP2X lately. I don't use public transport and I don't travel that much so the only time I usually have to spend on using the GP2X is at home. As I have enough Amigas at home I tend not to play Amiga games on the GP2X. I have been whiling away my time the last couple of evenings during this crappy rainy summer playing SNES games.

The SNES is known for its sizeable software library, with so many of its games featuring fantastic gameplay with luscious 2D graphics. I've been meaning to dive into some of its classics for so long and finally got around to it last week. I immersed myself in Zelda: Link to the Past and to balance all the questing off I also started playing Super Castlevania IV, an amazingly addictive platformer! I haven't been able to put my GP2X down. As soon as I got tired of Zelda, there was Castlevania and I'd usually lose track of time until 2 AM.

Super Castlevania 4.gifSuper Castlevania IVLegend_of_Zelda_A_Link_to_the_Past_SNES_ScreenShot1.jpg

What has positively surprised me is how unbelievably good the gameplay is in these two games and how well it translates to the GP2X despite its sometimes cumbersome digital pad controls. I can only wonder how these games play on the real hardware and that is why I'm currently looking around to score a SNES!!

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