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Captain's Log / star date 2008.0523

And today I've added another dedicated page for one of the A500 accelerators in my collection, the M-Tec 68030. You can find it and other items from my collection by clicking on the links under the Collections section of this site. I am currently working on improving this website's navigational links to make finding your way around the site easier.

Mtec 1.jpg
I am also currently working on a tutorial on how to get an Amiga emulator running on a PlayStation3, which should be interesting to a lot of people. The first parts of the tutorial will be published here within a week from now, so stay tuned!

Captain's Log / star date 2008.0521

Today I have updated my collection pages, to be specific the accelerator pages. I've added information and photographs of my first A500 accelerator, the Harms Professional Turbo 030 Plus. More information on other accelerators that I own, like the CSA Mega Midget Racer and DCE's Viper 530 follows shortly! You can access the Accelerators section, and all other sections of my collection that have been uploaded so far, by clicking on the links on the top right of the index page or by clicking here.

Viper 530 install 7.jpgViper 520 4.jpgCSA 2.jpg

Captain's Log / star date 2008.0507

And another 17-Bit disk gets the PD Dungeon treatment! See which disk Captain Future checked out this time! Yup, disk 2 is another slideshow. Check out all 17-Bit PD reviews at the PD Dungeon.


Captain's Log / star date 2008.0503

Recently I had arrive two goodies by mail. First up is Sid Meier’s Civilization, another MicroProse strategy classic that I snapped up for the handsome sum of 2,50 euros. Sid Meier has done some other classic C64 and Amiga games for MicroProse like Railroad Tycoon and one of my all time favourites: Pirates! Civilization sees you trying to build an empire that will ‘stand the test of time’. Boxed and complete with the usual, hefty manual. Now the only one missing on my list is Railroad Tycoon!  

Civilization box frontCivilization box backCivilization box contents

The other item that arrived was an issue of CU Amiga, in fact an issue from its CU Amiga-C64 days. CU Amiga started out long before the Amiga and underwent several changes before settling on the CU Amiga name. I’m trying to complete the whole run from its very start as VIC Computing until the last issue of late 1998. I’m a long way towards that goal though the older issues are getting increasingly hard to come by. I paid a little more than I wanted to for this issue (around 11 euros), but I console myself with the fact that for every issue like this one I usually manage to buy many more dirt cheap. Case in point being last weekend, when I picked up two issues of CU for just 1 cent each!

CU Amiga 198903

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