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An interesting couple of days this week as I got a couple of Retro Gamer issues in the mail that I got cheap off eBay. Retro Gamer is really a nice magazine. i don't seem to recall exactly how or when I bought the first couple of issues, but I've read and reread them a couple of times and really enjoyed the content. Even though the issues I read were 2 years old it didn't really matter that much, since most of the content is about gaming in the old days, so the content is pretty timeless. Retro Gamer issues are a great deal if you manage to pick 'em up cheap from eBay. Although the first two volumes (issues 1 through 18) might set you back more than the orginal cover price, because they're becoming collector's items in and of themselves!  

Retro Gamer 25Retro Gamer 23Retro Gamer 30

I also bought the Amiga Forever 2006 DVD Video edition. Although I don't really care much for the software itself (although Cloanto are doing a nice job at it) I am really looking forward to the two DVDs that are filled with hours worth of all sorts of vintage video footage about the Amiga that I haven't seen before : 

  • Launch of Amiga (1985, 17')

  • Inside Commodore (1988, 40')

  • Jay Miner Speech (1989, 49')

  • Jay Miner Interview (1990, 9')

  • History of the Amiga (1992, 43')

  • The Deathbed Vigil (1994, 118')

  • Dave Haynie Interview (2001, 55')

The Deathbed Vigil is of particular interest to me, because it's the video Dave Haynie (one of Commodore's engineers) shot during the last days of Commodore. But I'm also looking forward to seeing the footage of Jay Miner, the father of the Amiga, as I have never seen any moving footage of him. 

And last but not least I managed to buy 3 VARTA Lithium batteries for next to nothing. This type of battery was used extensively by Commodore in their Amiga computers (and memory expansions) that had an on-board clock. I have an A500+ that has a failing battery, which is wreaking havoc with the clock. A new battery should fix that problem. The other 2 I'll keep as spares.

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